Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 363 - Week 52 Live Progress Update

December 29, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 363
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 363 - Week 52 Live Progress Update
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Flip & Dani’s Weekly Live videos are intended to be timely recordings of what’s going on RIGHT NOW in their investing journey.

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In today’s episode, what's been happening this past week?

We’re back on location - Flip is back in Florida after spending a week in Arizona. While Dani is staying for one more week.

Update with Dani’s mom - We've gone through the CT and then yesterday was the blood test. So we're hoping that now with this blood test that we can finally schedule her surgery. We’re also celebrating her 80th birthday on January 2 and we’re very excited about it.

Deal updates - We sent out the final wirings and we’re just waiting for the closing documents. 

And then Eric, from our team, sent a deal over the day before Christmas. It's a counteroffer on the deal that he's been working on. So it’s very exciting.

Distributions time - We've got the debt fund master notes, our multifamily deals, all getting distributions here in January. We know all the accounting is being done. We have a meeting next Wednesday with the team just to confirm everything that's getting sent out. And it feels really good when we get to send that passive income out. And people get to go, oh, look, it works!

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies. And welcome to another episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right, and welcome to another Live! Live! Live! Oh, we got one more of those left. Welcome to another Live. This is a live progress update. See I got it right. Yes. Because I'm reading it. Good job, Flippy. Yeah. 

And as you can tell that we are back on location. I am back on location in the Sunshine State where it's warm. And Dani is back in Arizona where it's not. She's still in Scottsdale, she's still there for another, little bit over a week. But this is week five, two. Yes. Also known as the last one. The last one, that's what five two means, the last. This is our last live progress update like I just said. So last Thursday, we go, I flew over from Austin to Phoenix. And I spent the week there. And then yesterday, I flew from Phoenix, to Charlotte to Orlando. Boy are my arms tired. But I'm back in Florida. The dogs still haven't made it home yet. So I'm all by myself. But the dogs come home today. But yeah, so that's the progress here. 

But the big news, though, was while we were in Arizona was getting your mom. Some more tests. Yes. So progressively, we're getting booked for test after test after test. And we're always fingers crossed, hoping that she gets the scheduled surgery after the next test. We're now hoping that again. So I think since last Thursday, I think we've gone through the CT. And then we've also yesterday was a blood test. So we're hoping that now with this blood test that we can actually schedule surgery, because I'm only here for I think eight, seven or eight more days. And I'm trying to accomplish certain key things before I leave. And surgery is one of them. And that's the one thing that you and I were talking about last night, that's out of my control. Like, we can only do what they tell us to do as fast as we can. So as soon as they told us about blood tests, we're like, okay, let's race and get mom to the blood test. Because we're trying to get that surgery scheduled. So it's been crazy, but the things that are in our control is you and I searching for the wheelchair and finding that new vehicle that has wheelchair accessibility. So that has been hard, it's been a lot of work to try and do all of that research and learn a new world and I can't say that I don't want to do more research because I kind of do, like I want to keep on researching and learning so that I know we're getting the best but we're against the clock, right? Of me having to leave and needing these things in place so that my dad's okay, while he's taking care of mom through this transition of getting the surgeries done and getting up and walking. I was gonna say up and running again. She would love it if she could run again. But let's just get her walking first. So, yeah, I'm very, very thankful for how much we've accomplished. I think the car is being delivered today. Should we all agree that we like it and we're gonna move forward. And then the wheelchair, I'm hoping we'll be here, probably at the beginning of next week. So it's a lot of stuff going on here in Arizona.

Yeah, exactly. And your sister came into town with her family, which is just a wee family. Yeah, yeah, just yeah, there's just a few of them. A family of eight. I feel like it's like The Brady Bunch kind of. Except it's not three girls, three boys. It's, um, is it six? All boys, five boys, one girl. So yeah, they're such a great family. And it's great to have them here with us. And my mom's very, very excited to have all the nieces and nephews around. So that's been great. 

And we had a great Christmas and what's funny about my side of the family is that my mom's birthday is January 2. So we have this thing that whenever we have Christmas and we're all celebrating her birthday as well, which is happening this year because she turns 80. She has a rule that all Christmas decorations have to be gone. Like when it's her birthday. Christmas is over. Now it's her birthday. Right? And I think that's hard for anybody who has a birthday that's close to Christmas because it all just gets bundled together. So we have that task now in front of us, of getting everything cleaned up at the house and de-chrismafied so that we can now celebrate her 80th birthday. So that's been an adventure as well. And I'm super glad that we all get to be here for that mile marker birthday of hers. Yeah, that sounds awesome. Yeah. And then I feel bad that I had to fly back to Florida before the birthday festivities. So I feel bad about that. But I'll be celebrating from afar. That's right. 

Plus, you know, we have deals going on. Yeah, we still have deals going on which was so funny. Because right before Christmas, I got a message hey, can you send the money in? We're good to go. And so I sent the money in and then we found out. Oh, wait, even though we told them this. Now, they got to do something else. And so hold on, we're still gonna try to close next week and everything looks good. And then the day after Christmas, we're looking good and send the rest of the money. We're just like, ahh! So, send the final wires off, gosh, I don't even know what day it was. I think it was Monday, Monday or Tuesday. And then you, I think you've got a message yesterday. Yup. Yup, signed a final OA agreement that got revised again. And we are just fingers crossed, hoping the closing docs come today so that we can all sign you know, today or tomorrow. Yeah, I know we're cutting it close, final deal of 2022. And we're like, Okay, we got two days left. Can somebody send me the closing documents? So yeah, fingers crossed, fingers and toes are crossed for that one. 

And then also Eric, from our team, he sent a deal over I think it was, maybe it was right the day before Christmas, the day after? I can't remember. But I think it was like maybe the day before, but it's a counteroffer on the deal that he's been working on. So very exciting. I was like, Ooh, working over Christmas. Yeah. So that was exciting. I'm not sure how that's playing out. But I know he's working on it. And then being awesome about negotiating the best deal that he can. So it's a good deal for us and a win for the seller, I'm sure as well to be able to sell that property. So we'll see how that goes. 

And then distributions, you get to be Flippy Santa Clause. Yay! You get a check! You get a check! That's Oprah, that's not Santa. Sorry. Yeah, no, I love this. Because this is the time that I get to wire everybody money. It makes me feel so awesome. Yeah, yeah, I love it. So we've got debt fund master notes, our multifamily deals all getting distributions here in January. So I know all the accounting is being done. I have a meeting next Wednesday with the team just to confirm everything that's getting sent out. So really super excited about whenever we get to do those because it does feel good, right? It's because we're all doing this for the passive income. And it feels really good when we get to send that passive income out. And people get to go, oh, look, it works! Exactly. So yeah, I think we've had a great week. It's been a whirlwind. And I'm sure there's tons of other stuff that happened. But literally you and I before we recorded this, we're just like, okay, what's happened in the last week? Let me look at my calendar. See what happened this last week. Oh, but I'm excited. Three days away from 2023. It's super super exciting. And this is the third to last episode, only two more Flippy. Woohoo! I'm not counting at all. 

All right. We hope that you enjoyed this episode, make sure you head on over to our website, to join the investor club. Like Dani said, we got another deal coming down the pipeline and so there's always something going on. So make sure you're joining the investing club. 

But we like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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