Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 356 - Week 51 Live Progress Update

December 22, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 356
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 356 - Week 51 Live Progress Update
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In today’s episode, what's been happening this past week?

Flip is flying to Arizona to be with Dani and her family.

Dani’s mom got her pre-op scheduled and we’re very excited for her. Plus Dani’s sister's family is coming over and will all spend time together.

Deal updates - It is still in that final stages and every single week, it's been in a further stage. We just need to finalize the underwriting process.

Keeping the business running - Making sure that our team is available for any emergencies. So it's just interesting, as the holidays approach, to be talking about this on a podcast, because it really is a different time in a business to plan and implement things.

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another episode of our podcast which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right and welcome to another Live! Live! Live! on location. Wop! Wop! And so yes, guess where I'm at. Yeah, there we go. For those of you listening and not watching, I'm pointing out a big poster or whatever on the wall that says Austin because I'm in Austin, Texas. And Dani is still in Phoenix, Scottsdale. And so this is week fifty one, and right before this episode, I was getting everything prepared. And this is episode 356. Yes! We are down to single digits. Yes, we are. We are at the finish line. For those of you who are listening, I'm running. There's no light at the end of the tunnel but all I see is light. Yeah. What's that? It was so funny.

Yeah, it is. I can't believe everything that we were able to accomplish. But today I'm flying actually from Texas over to Arizona. To be with I guess I'm gonna go hang out with you? Yeah, yeah. Pretty please. I miss you so much. Yeah, everyday I check in on our dogs, our dogs are at a daycare in Orlando. And it's not actually in Orlando, it's way south of Orlando, but they take care of the dog so well. The dogs are just being spoiled to death. So they're doing just fine.

Yes, yes, yes. And then update on my mom. She got her pre-op scheduled. And that's today. And so super, super excited. We've just had so many things in motion of trying to figure out vehicle research, you know, are we going to need a vehicle that has wheelchair access? Is she gonna be able to be in the walker and be able to transfer fairly easier? Or do we need a transfer seat and like, I feel like I'm just being educated about a whole new world. You know, while I'm here, and not knowing exactly if we're going to need it or not, you know, so I'm excited about this pre-op appointment so that, you know, we can hear what the doctor has to say about you know what he thinks, I know, it's really largely dependent upon my mom and my mom, I got my stubbornness from her. So I think she'll likely be as long as the pain isn't, you know, horrific, she'll likely be stubborn enough to make sure that she's exercising every day and getting up on that walker as soon as that knee is fixed. So yeah, it's just exciting to be at the next step, to see when surgery can get scheduled, and things like that. So I'm glad I'm here for it. And the rest of the family comes in today as well. So my sister and her family of eight are going to be here this evening. And we'll get to see them tomorrow on Friday. Here comes the bus. So yup, here comes the bus, that's right. It's exciting that everybody will be here, and be able to, you know, be with mom and just be a family. It's gonna be super cool.

That is awesome. And of course, it's the end of the year. And it's funny, I wish, you know, I don't know what those you know, what do you call that chart? You know, where you see the line and it barely goes up, it barely goes up. And then it just shoots straight up. Right? Yeah. That's us, in 2008, at the end of 2008, we were doing about this much. And then 2009, kind of at the end of the year, we were doing about this much. And then 2010. And for those of you listening, my hand is going up very little. And then all of a sudden, around 2015 it started to go, ohh, it started curving up and then 17, 18,  19, 20, 21 and now we're doing so much in November, December that, you know, I can't even imagine waiting for like the last two weeks to do all of the stuff we're doing in November, December just to prepare for the end of the year. That's right. It's just amazing. It is just mind blowing. But it's just like, man we used to do this?

Yeah, yeah, it really is crazy. And just to throw in our deal, it is still in that final stages. I think I've said that for four weeks in a row. Not really, I think every. That's multi-family though. Yeah, it is. Every single week, it's been a further stage, right? And so the lenders at the final questions of, really you and I, Flip, you know, we're submitting some of our information so that we can get final underwriting on us done. And then we should be able to close. So I'm super excited about that. It's always really hard when you're doing it during the holidays, because you're trying to figure out, okay, how fast can I get this done, because, you know, our team is going to be off, and the bank is going to be closed, and like, you know, it's just, there's a little added stress element. Who's gonna be open? Yeah, trying to get anything done during the holidays. Plus, people just tend to be checked out and slower than normal. So everybody's thinking about family and thinking about, you know, preparing the grocery shopping list, you know, all these things that are going on in your head during this time. So a little bit of stress there added stress, I should say, but it's looking good. And I'm excited to get this one across the finish line.

Yeah, there's one company I was dealing with. They said, Oh, by the way, we're going to be closed from December 23 to January 2. And I'm just like, oh! Dang. Oh, wow. That's crazy. That's funny, because just yesterday, I'll make this quick. We're talking about, you know, our team, and making sure that as everybody wants time off around these holidays, that we still have enough team members working, you know, to be able to keep the business running, right? And we can't all take off at the same time. We have to, like, layer it and you and I, you know, chip in one of the leaders are taking off and other leaders chip in when we're taking off and things like that. And so we're just talking about maintenance calls over the, you know, holidays. And it was just a funny discussion, like, well, you know, I can't imagine if somebody's door knob breaks, they're going to call us on Christmas Day, but who knows? We're really there for the emergencies. Right? And in Ohio, it's cold. So making sure that our team is available for you know, any emergencies like that. So it's just interesting, you know, as the holidays approach to be talking about this on a podcast, because it really is a different time in a business to plan and implement things. Yeah. So anyways, I'll stop jabbering.

All I was going to say is about Austin, Texas, if you've never been in Austin, Texas, it's definitely someplace to go. And they call it Keep Austin Weird, because there are some interesting things down here. But it's also known as the live music capital of the world. Now Nashville will easily say that they're the live music capital of the world. And I think they just call themselves the music capital of the world, or country music capital. But it's amazing, because I went out and saw a group the other night that my brother was playing in and it just this little dive bar down, you know, on the street, it's, you know, it's a busy street, but you would have driven by this bar without a second thought of going away. But you know, there's some incredible musicians in there playing tonight. You know, it was great. So if you ever get to Austin, make sure you check out the live music scene. It was an amazing band with you know, one of the singers was on the voice. I mean, this guy was amazing. And I'm just, there's like 40 or 50 people in there listening to this group, and I was like, this is just crazy. Anyway, now we're talking about jibber jabber. 

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you're heading on over to our website, to join the investor club. You only got a little bit of time left. But make sure you join the investor club. Make sure you're checking us out on all the social medias. But we hope you're having a happy and safe holiday season. 

But we'd like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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