Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 360 - Motivational Monday - Who Will You Be One Year From Today?

December 26, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 360
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 360 - Motivational Monday - Who Will You Be One Year From Today?
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We're at this time of the year, as we're looking back, we thought everybody at this time is reflecting on what's happened. And many of us underestimate what we can do in a year. And what we wanted to talk about today is that every single day, and every single choice, ultimately will change who you are, by the time you get to this same day next year.

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Before we begin today’s episode, we would like to thank Ben Katt, who encouraged us to do our Motivational Monday podcast. At the end of the year, we all look back on what has happened but we should begin looking forward to the new year. Where will we be at the end of 2023? So many of us underestimate what we can do in a year and we need to recognize that every single day, and every single choice, ultimately will change who you are in just 365 short days. One of the changes we made in 2022 was to be more healthy. This is a long journey and, like the Great Wall of China, a new lifestyle is built with the first brick.  Making that choice was not easy and it is a long game, but we can see how our choices are adding up, how making a simple choice of buying water and almonds instead of a soda and bag of chips becomes a habit that helps us become healthier. And we are happy that you have joined us in our 2022 journey toward a passive income lifestyle. If you have been listening to us over the past year, you know how our business priorities have shifted from building businesses to generating passive income so we all can live the lifestyle we choose. We have spent quite some time discussing how incremental choices add up over time and you have made that choice to walk alongside us by listening to one episode at a time and now we hope that you look forward to seeing or hearing us as a part of your daily routine. We hope that we helped you discover your freedom number in 2022 and it’s still not too late if you do not know what it is.  And, when your plan is set, never revert back to bad habits and remember that every single day we have an opportunity to make a choice. And that choice matters to tomorrow.   

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another episode of our podcast which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. Welcome to another episode and this is a Motivational Monday. This is our last Motivational Monday. It is! It's Motivational Monday and it says, "Who Will  You Be One Year From Today?". Yeah. 

I really like the idea of taking this time of the year to look back on things and well number one I wanted to say before I forget thank you to Ben Katt who is the one who encouraged us to do Motivational Monday's. He's like, you know, what are the things Flip and Dani, that motivate you and have gotten you, you know where you are in life, maybe on Mondays, share those things, share the topics and he goes, he was walking around our office, he goes start with all this office artwork, like you're very motivational artwork just around your office, you know, talk about that. And so that's how we started our Motivational Monday episodes. So I just wanted to say thank you to Ben Katt for this idea. 

And right here, we're at at this time of the year, as we're looking back, I thought, you know, everybody at this time is looking, is reflecting on what's happened, and looking forward to what they want to do right in the coming year. And so many of us underestimate what we can do in a year. Right? And so, what I wanted to talk about today is that every single day, and every single choice, ultimately will change who you are, by the time you get to this same day next year. Right? And so I wanted to talk about I want to encourage people by talking about the things that we have done, the little things, the things that don't seem to matter at all. And then suddenly you're like, oh, wow, that little thing actually made, you know, quite an impact. And I'm gonna let you tell the story, you told me right before we press record, because I think that's one of the funniest things that we even right now didn't realize until you just said it. 

Yeah, well, Sorry, I have to say it. And it's my cliché line. And I say it every time I say it, I just giggle, because I think I can hear your eyes roll every time I say it. But the Great Wall of China was started with just one brick. You're right. Think of that one brick, you know, that you can hold in your hand. Right? And then think of the Great Wall of China. So it fits. Anyway, know, what we were talking about, you know, is the other the little things that we did in over this last year, Dani and I have really been focused on health and fitness and it's probably taken a whole year for it to actually finally sink into me and I was traveling the other day and I went to go buy a drink and a snack at like one of those stores in the airport. And a year ago, I would have walked in there and left with probably like a big sandwich and Diet Coke and a bag of chips. Easy. Done. I could see it all. A couple days ago I walked in and I left with a bottle of water and a bag of almonds. And it was just natural. And I was excited about it. And all sudden I just, it hit me and I went I just bought a bottle of water and almonds. Like voluntarily. 

Yeah, I was actually, you texted me and told me that you did that. Right? And I was just like, whoa, because I know during holidays or during, like we take off, if we want to take off. We're not, we don't stress ourselves about having to be perfect, right? And I'm not stressed right now about having to be perfect, but I too am eating, I have a protein shake. And like for those who are watching, they're gonna see this, just finished a protein shake and Flip actually had his too. Yup. And a couple of hard boiled eggs in the morning. It's like my morning routine. And it's not that I feel like I have to, I've given myself permission to, you know, do things I wouldn't normally do when I'm trying to be stricter and healthier. But yet, those habits that have happened over the course of time. Now we're just like, this is actually good. I actually feel good when I drink this or when I eat this or and I don't feel as good when I eat poorly. And it's those things that suddenly it's like whoa, that really kind of, that small, you know little things that took, it did take us a year, right? 

Like, anybody who is hardcore about this, you know, about their health probably would have lost, you know, five times as much weight as we have in the course of a year. But we slow rolled it, right? It was something that we said we want to do this, but we don't want to put so much pressure on us that we give up. Because we tried so hard to change our lives, like from, you know, going from 10 to 0 to 10, or something like that, we said, we're going to do it in little bitty increments, so that it's a little bit easier to transition. And it feels okay, and something that we could sustain. And I think really that this example is perfect for this episode. Because it's about not being scared to do something small like you don't have to go from 0 to 100 miles per hour, you can go one mile per hour, is one mile per hour faster than you were yesterday. Right? And those small changes eventually over the course of the year for us have changed into, we are now naturally eating better. Which means as we continue to lose weight, we are going to be able to sustain that loss. Because we're not going on these benders or not getting frustrated by being so hardcore perfect that when we do have time off, that we just go over to the other side and gain it all back. So I think it's really, really powerful. I really love that you share that story.

You know, it's the mindset too. When I was at, I didn't have anything better to do. So I thought I'd go to a target here in Austin, Texas. In the middle of the day, we're doing Christmas shopping, which is fun. And as I'm checking out, I looked and there's you know, Snickers bars. And I like five or six years ago, I'd be like, man, who couldn't? Who wouldn't want to have a Snickers bar right now? But then the other day you know, as I'm checking on, I'm like, Oh, I don't think I can even eat a Snickers bar anymore. Yeah, yeah. I don't think they brain-washed me. Hahaha! 

Yeah, so take this example that we're sharing here health wise, because it is a very important journey to us. And that's why it's easy for us to talk about. But translate that to this Freedom Through Passive Income journey, right? If you're listening to this podcast it is because you're on a similar journey as Flip and I have been here in 2022, and prior, but really 2022 is when things started moving towards the passive income piece for us, instead of so much focused on business building. And just as much as we talked about taking a year to focus on health and not going hardcore about it, you can do the same thing on this passive income journey, right? 

You can do very small things. And at the very beginning of this 365 day series, we talked about your freedom number and identifying that, you know, those are small things that you don't even have to do in a day, you could take a month to go through the five episodes and those exercises and just say, hey, this week, I'm gonna focus on listening to this eight minute episode, and identifying what my freedom number is. And next week, I'm going to listen to another eight minute episode. And I'm going to identify what those expenses are. And those things that we talked about in order to identify where you want to go, it could take a month, but doing it in small increments over a course of a month, we'll change the next 11 months of 2023, right? Because now you know your freedom number. And now the next 11 months, you can take more small incremental steps towards where you want to go. And then pretty soon, you're like, hey, I feel really good about understanding where I want to go, understand the different types of ways I can get there, and understanding what I'm most comfortable with in terms of how I want to get there. And those things could even take six months for you to answer. But that means in six months, you're ready to invest or do the next step. Whereas if you keep putting it off and keep on feeling overwhelmed about a process, and you don't take the smallest of steps, then next year, you're going to end up going, Well, I'm right back where I was. And nothing changed because I refuse to even take very, very, you know, tiny, tiny steps. 

So that's what we want to encourage you to do, because it's what we've done, right? So in some ways, in business, tend to go fast and hard. In health, we went very, very slow because we know our habits and how easy it is to revert back to bad habits. So I just think every single day you have an opportunity to make a choice. And that choice matters to tomorrow. It matters to the next month. And it certainly adds up and matters to one year from today and what you'll be able to say and for us. I think the best story was what you shared Flip. Yay!

Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode, I did. I was looking forward to doing this one because it's really, you don't see the small steps until all of a sudden all the small steps are done and it's one big step so I really enjoyed it. 

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And we hope you're having a great time of the year. But we like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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