Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 358 - How To Succeed at Anything In Life

December 24, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 358
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 358 - How To Succeed at Anything In Life
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Over the course of this year, we’re reminded about the true nature of people and what are the common characteristics of people who are succeeding at all levels. And it's looking at them at different levels of success in different areas of their life, whether their successes in their personal lives, or their professional lives or both, there's characteristics that we’re seeing, and we thought we should talk about, because it's really those characteristics that bring about success at a core level.

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The most successful people in life share some surprising common characteristics. They love the people around them and those whom they serve. They take a long term view and make decisions with a vision of doing good things in the long run. Success is not always about money. Flip’s nephew is a drummer in a band. He has played for years and post-pandemic, decided to work with children. It has been wonderful to see that in helping develop the children, he has found his calling.  And the pride he shares is not for the money, fame or self-aggrandizing that seems to have proliferated our world, it is for how he can help others. When we help others get everything they want in life, we can get everything we want.  Commitment to the pursuit of excellence is the final characteristic we would like to talk about today.  Surrounding yourself with a strong team that shares these characteristics, is aligned with your core values and is committed is critical. As you are committed to improving as a person, investor and businessperson, so must be your team. Gathering a great team helps everyone to rise and reach their goals faster and in a more fun and fulfilling way.      

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies. And welcome to another episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right, and welcome to another episode and this one is entitled, "How To Succeed at Anything In Life". Yeah. So, over the course of this year, I am just reminded about the true nature of people and what are the common characteristics of people who are succeeding at all levels. Right? Not, you know, billionaire status, not multi millionaire status. 

But certainly, I mean, I don't even know, I don't know that I know any billionaires, but I do know, multimillionaires that fall in this category. I know, team members within our companies that are succeeding, that fall into this category. I have multiple investor friends, we both do, who fall into this category. And it's looking at them at different levels of success in different areas of their life, whether their successes in their personal lives, or their professional lives or both, there's characteristics that I'm seeing, and I thought we should talk about, because it's really those characteristics that bring about success at a core level. 

And then of course, there's other things. So some of the things that I wrote down were a true love for the people around you. And for those whom you serve, if you have that at the core of your being. And the why of how you make decisions, right? Is because of a true love for those who you surround yourself with and the people that you're serving. You make good decisions, right? And you do good things. And you don't end up with this short term mindset of, you know, a quick buck, right? Because you have this true love and passion for people. Another characteristic is just loyalty. There has been situations here in 2022, where I've seen opportunities come for people where it might have been a better scenario, right? But they were loyal to a situation, they were loyal to a person, they were loyal to a team, they were just, loyalty was just one of the highest things on their list. And that's certainly true of us like, both of these characteristics I see in us too, right? That's why I wanted to talk about it, is because I truly feel like we've made tons of mistakes. And you certainly, if we didn't have some of these common characteristics, maybe we wouldn't be where we are, right? But loyalty is important to us too, team members, some team members have had a rough ride, you know, with us as we've grown and as we built five companies, but we were loyal to their efforts and their dedication, their commitment, of helping see us through, and we all make mistakes, it's part of the gig, but you bind yourselves together and you learn and you keep on going. And as long as you love those around you and everybody has that at the core of their being, then it's just a mighty strength, I think that is created through that. So I know I put some others on here. So I want to kind of talk about the ones that mean a lot to you as far as these kinds of characteristics.

You know, it's interesting, this was great timing for this episode, because you know, because I'm here in Texas, for those of you who can't see, it's Austin, Texas behind me. And I'm here visiting my family. And last night our whole family got together and I got to talk briefly with I guess, he's my great nephew. Is it how that works? But anyway, you know, he grew up and as a musician, and he was a drummer but he's not like a drummer in like a pop band, it's a drummer, and they're like a hard rock band or, you know, a metal band and, you know, and he's got the long hair and, you know, he's done some odd jobs and then when the pandemic hit, he stopped playing, but now he's working with, you know, infants to 2 year olds, he's working with children, and he loves it. And it's his gift first attitude that he has for this and he loves what he's doing for these kids and how he's helping them develop and, you know, just last night I saw him beaming in his eyes, you know, just how he is succeeding. He found his calling, and it's not because of money. Succeeding in life isn't money. Yeah. And those of you that tell you that is they're trying to sell you something, you know, and it's not about the money, it's not about anything else. It's not about you know, it's just he loves what he's doing he just breezes it and I just I couldn't have been more proud of him, you know, because of how I see he's just found it. Yeah. Many people spend their entire lives trying to find, you know what their calling is or you know and one of the last things you have on here is always focusing on what's in it for them. You know, he's totally not that, he's there about what's in it for the kids and how he can help them to you know, develop and how we can help them, you know, grow and be better people. And it was *boom, My mind and I'm like, How old are you? I love that. You're 21 going on 60, what? Hahaha.

Well, yeah, yeah, absolutely. You nailed two really powerful ones. And that's that give first attitude and thinking about others before yourself. Right? And I think that's so, so powerful. And the people who do that, it was Zig Ziglar. Right? If you help others get everything they want in life, you're gonna get everything you want. It's not the right way to say it. But everybody knows and understands that quote, we've said it multiple times on podcast. It's so very true. And it's relevant to this, how do you succeed at anything in life, it's helping other people. And having that love for people, always having to give first, always thinking about what can I do for others before I do for myself, because you're gonna get a rush. There's a saying that one of my friends said, you can't outgive the giver. And they said that to me, because I'm just for free jumping on and helping them with different things that they need. And they're just always going, what can we do for you? We can never outgive you because you've given so much to us. And so that's just a really, really good feeling. And it also, like people are just constantly trying to do things for you. And as a result, all ships, they all rise together, like the circle and this network of people that you surround yourself with, your team, everybody rises because of certain characteristics and certain attitudes. 

And the last one I've put on here that I want to talk about is the commitment to the pursuit of excellence. You know, you are as strong as your weakest link. We recently talked about that on a podcast too. And it's those people who have all of these characteristics we've talked about, and this dedication and commitment to continually improve who they are as a person, what they do in business, what they do in life. And man, it's so powerful, to not only be just that, to have these characteristics, because you yourself are going to rise in life and anything that you want to do, but to surround yourself with other people. You just do it that much faster. And it's again, more fulfilling, more fun. You know, just life is hard enough as it is, do stuff like this, and bam, it gets a little bit more enjoyable. Yeah, you're exactly right. And it also it is kind of what you said that it rises all ships and you find that when you start to get in this mode and I've seen it just within you and I over the last couple years, it's made everything else better around it. It just compounds and it goes across everything about you know, across your life and your world. Love it. Yeah, me too. Awesome. 

All right. Yeah. Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode, make sure you head on over to our website, You got just a couple days to make sure you head on over to the investor club. Make sure you reach out to Ben and or CJ to find out all the stuff that we've got going on to finish this year and to begin next year. 

But we'd like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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