Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 349 - Week 50 Live Progress Update

December 15, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 349
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 349 - Week 50 Live Progress Update
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In today’s episode, what's been happening this past week?

Award Ceremony - So it was just fun to be able to watch the company awards happen. I think we had a rookie of the year, we had a behind the scenes award, we had a leadership award and an MVP award. And we also had our Freedom Follies, which we both received.

Plans for 2023 - 1:1 with our leadership team. We are in the process of making plans for 2023. We're also working on our new course content. That is going to be a course designed for high net worth investors to learn how to better evaluate opportunities.

Last deal for 2022 - We are in the final underwriting phase, collecting all final wires, and we're super excited to get that one closed.

Christmas vacation - Flip will be flying to Texas this Sunday to spend time with family. Then fly to Arizona after to visit Dani’s family.

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right and welcome to another Live! Live! Live! episode and we're on "locations" in the rest of these episodes. But this is our week 50, five, zero, week 50. What?! Anyway,  week 50, this is a recap, or whatever this thing is. Live progress update. That! 

I've got two more weeks to do that. Yes, two more weeks. 

And if you can't tell behind Dani is her patio window. And you can see the sun is out. It's beautiful up bright this morning. It's in the wee hours even in Arizona right now, because we gotta get these recorded and get these out for everybody. So it is o-dark-30. I need to buy another two cups of coffee to go, but we're ready to go. Yes, indeed. 

So let's talk about this last week. What happened last Thursday? Yeah. Last Thursday was our Family of Companies, company award ceremony at the retreat that the team went to. I was in Arizona, you were in Florida. The team was in Ohio at the retreat. Wilderness Lodge. And so everybody, yes, Wilderness Lodge, and everybody who couldn't make it in person was able to join virtually. And they had cameras throughout the room. So one phone was taking care of the audio, one phone was there was a few I think cameras across the room. So it was just fun to be able to watch the company awards happen. I think we had a rookie of the year, we had a behind the scenes award. We had a leadership award. And there's one more. I can't remember, I can't remember the fourth award. But it was the one that Caitlyn won. Yeah, I just don't remember the name of it. All around best. MVP or something? Yeah. Yeah. So it was really cool. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. And of course, they did the Freedom Follies too. Yes, we both won awards. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah, it was a folly. Hahaha! Hey, I take pride in my award, as you should as well. Yeah. Yeah, just to let everyone know what we won. I won most likely to order Jimmy John's for lunch. Which is not true anymore in Florida, because there's no Jimmy John's that delivers to our house here in Florida. Wonk! Wonk! Yeah. And I think your award actually said, most likely to have Jimmy John's come for a wellness check or something like that. Yeah, yeah, when I don't order. They're like, is Flip okay? Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, when I was at the office at Ohio, I can literally press an order. And it was there at the office in five minutes. Yeah. Which dumbfounded me because it takes eight minutes just to drive from Jimmy John's to the office. So I just love it, just because of that. But your award I loved was, the most likely to work through anything even a hurricane. Yes.

Yes, I was actually in the middle of answering an email because there was no specific order. Right? So I was listening and I was working on an email. And the reception was going in and out. And so I barely heard what it was. In fact, I didn't hear what it was. I barely heard that it was my name. And so I was just like, and then I had to wait until they posted the follies in the Google Chat workspace for me to open it up and see what it said. Because yeah, I just couldn't hear plus, I was a little distracted trying to answer something that was time sensitive. So yeah, but it was fun. Yeah, I like those award ceremonies, they're always fun. I do too, I love it. I love it. 

So now moving on to work stuff. Yes, yeah. So other things that we did this week. I had one on ones with our leadership team. I've gotten all those complete. We are in the process of making plans for 2023. We're also working on our new course content. That is going to be a course designed for high net worth investors to learn how to better evaluate opportunities. And I actually enlisted a few people yesterday, Flip was one of them. Hahaha! And hopefully Flip can get a little bit of help from Mark. And then Tiffany was another one, she's already actually done hers, it's in my email box. And then Joe and Jody, of course, I obviously enlisted them. Because they have so much, you know, resources to be able to provide and put in here that I don't have time to dig into and get. And, you know, they might enlist Eric as well. I'm so grateful that I was able to do my part and be able to go, okay, now you guys can do this, this, this, this, this. And I don't have to do it all. And it's really, really nice to have such collaboration across the team. I'm really, really grateful that I didn't have to do all of it by myself. We need to work on your approach. Just a little bit.

Because yesterday, I was doing stuff and my Voxer was going nuts. And so I press play on the first of the five Voxers that came through from Dani. And it was, hey, I'm working on a project. Can you do? Baba Baba, baba, baba, baba I need to have this by Friday. So can you do this tomorrow morning? Thank you! I sent it with a smile. Yeah, I can't see it on Voxer.

Yeah, I wasn't anticipating needing all this help. I was really going to try and do it. But I was just like, it is too much for me to dig into. And I'm not even part of every single equation anymore, right? So it's really helpful if I want to be thorough, which I do want to be, to get everybody else to help. So thank you Flip. You're welcome. Love it!

So and then, our deal. So our last deal of 2022, we are in the final underwriting phase still, collecting all final wires, and we're super, super excited to get that one closed. And Flip, you have been pouring into a whole bunch of stuff.

Yup, yeah. So here, I thought Dani's going off to Arizona to take care of her mom, that's gonna be a cush month here and just in December here in Florida, just me and the dogs kicking back, sitting in the pool. Nope. Most dogs don't get on the pools, except Sparty. But anyway, no. So I've been jumping into a lot of stuff, learning QuickBooks, which is kind of robot. But jumping into QuickBooks and jumping into a lot of the financial projects and just refreshing my taste for acquisitions. You know, some things have changed, but yet, a lot of things stayed the same. And so it's been a lot of fun. It's been a lot of asking a lot of questions. But yeah, it's been. I'm excited. Yes, yeah, I'm excited too. Because whenever we talk, you're like, blahblahblah, I'm like, wow! I learned something new from you all the time. So it's very, very fun. Me too.

And then on the personal side, my mom update we had. Well, they see two physical therapy appointments so far. And we had a doctor appointment the other day, she got referred to the surgeon so that she can meet with them and then hopefully get surgery scheduled, which has totally been the goal. But apparently there's a process which I did not know that you have to go to your primary care physician, they have to refer you to an in network doctor and then or surgeon and then that surgeon needs to meet with you. And then you been scheduled. Oh, it's just oh my gosh, okay. So we are progressing towards everything, she is doing better day by day. She needs help still, with certain things, but like she used the walker quite a few times. Even the second physical therapy appointment. It was like a night and day difference. The therapist was just like, holy cow. So yeah, she's uh, I say, I get my stubbornness from my mom. And she's stubborn about you know, making sure that she can get up and get walking and get mobile again. So I'm super happy about that. I think you're both so stubborn that you fight on who gets the stubbornness from who. Hahaha!

Then you took a trip just the other day to pick up Ms. Pepper roux. Yeah, Rosie went off for two weeks for training. And I went to go pick her up earlier this week. And she's doing amazing. She is still the same old Rosie, but she's much better. She's learned a lot of commands. What I enjoyed the most was that the trainer was expressing her at first she was like, Oh, this girl is a cupcake. She's a sweetheart. She's gonna be nothing. Two days into it. She's like, Oh my gosh, this is the most stubborn dog I've ever trained in my life. We're like yeah, there we are. Rosie has shown her true colors. But she said she was one of the hardest dogs to train because of how stubborn she was. So it was, that's our girl. Yeah. It is. 

And then you're getting ready for your Christmas vacation, which was supposed to be our Christmas vacation, but now you are doing the first half by yourself. And then you're joining me in a week and I'm super excited about that. So when do you leave? Yeah. So this Sunday, I fly to Texas, to hang out with my family for a few days, but also got a couple of real work appointments there, see I'm a working man. And then actually, I think next week's recordings, I'll be in Texas, you'll be in Arizona, so we'll be in two different locations again. Yup. But yeah, so it's, I'm excited because then I'll be there for four or five days and then I fly to Arizona to just hang out by myself in Phoenix. You know, because there's nothing to do there. Yeah, nothing to do here. Nope, nope, nothing to do there. I might go to Scottsdale. I would love, I would be honored to pick you up at the airport and bring you to my condo and show you around. I already have an Uber. Is her name, Danielle Robison? It is! So funny.

I think that wraps it up for this week. Again, thank you. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you head on over to our website to join our investor club. We've only got a couple of weeks left until this year but we are cooking and stirring and everything to finish this year properly. So make sure you get in that investor club. 

Make sure you're checking us out on all the social medias. 

But we like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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Award Ceremony
Plans for 2023 & A new course content
Last deal for 2022
Jumping into QuickBooks & other financial projects
Update on Dani’s mom
Rosie is back from training
Christmas vacation
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