Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 346 - Motivational Monday - Future Revenge

December 12, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 346
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 346 - Motivational Monday - Future Revenge
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We thought future revenge is something that we all talk about to some extent, when we get the haters. We have people that are saying you're not going to make it or that's impossible. And part of motivation is the revenge on all the naysayers that didn't have the confidence in what you were doing and what you believed in.

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One way we can flip a negative into a positive motivator is to take all the negative comments directed toward us, all the naysayers' remarks and use it as the fuel for our perseverance. We can also use negative comments from outside forces like social media to help keep us focused and renew our dedication and commitment level to our end goals. Sometimes, when public comments are made regarding what we are doing, it creates a fear of missing out; however, much of the time those other things will be there in the months and years to come. Keeping a narrow focus can help you achieve your goal and eliminate distractions. For us, building our freedom through passive income requires us to maintain a strategic focus for our team and investors. We understand that we need to execute our long-term vision, we must be successful in the present, to scale the business, bring on leadership and continue the vertical integration of our Freedom Family of companies, before we move on to the next thing.

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies. And welcome to another episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right and welcome to another episode. And this is a "Motivational Monday - Future Revenge". I was trying to figure out how to title this episode, because there's a few topics that I wanted to talk about, and I thought future revenge is something that we all talk about, to some extent, when we get the haters, right? We have people that are saying you're not going to make it. You know, there's no way you're going to be able to do that, or that's impossible. You're still doing that? Yeah. Yeah, you're not successful yet. 

We always like, part of motivation is the revenge on all the naysayers, who you know, negative talk and, you know, just didn't have the confidence in what you were doing and what you believed in. Sometimes that can be more motivating, than your own belief in yourself. It's like, I am going to prove them wrong. And that kind of determination and kind of anger that boils up in yourself that, you know, I can't believe they don't believe in me, I think it propels you more than you knowing that you can do it, right? Because you're just fueled by proving it to somebody else, which I would normally say scrap that crap, you don't even need that in your head. But in this one instance, I say take it, let it fuel you, you know, burn those embers in your belly, and push you because there's probably, let's just pretend that everybody's around our age. Right? And Flip and I are both, well, I'm 50, you're 52 at this point in time. I'm 26. Yes, you're 26. And so there's people from our younger years and in high school, right? That we still, you know, at least see on social media, because social media is a part of everybody's life these days. And then as we began careers, we see those people as we began for us, you know, cruise ships, that both the musician side and in the art side. And then when we go, well, I was in a couple of different careers, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, but then go into real estate and all the people that have been with us in real estate since 2008, right, and now it's 2022 at the end of 2022. 

So we've been in real estate a long time, there's a lot of people that have known us through our path in life, that could, unfortunately, a lot of people just don't say to me in my face, that you're not going to make it, right? For some reason, maybe I'm just nice enough and cheery enough that they just don't want to squash my dreams. But I have a feeling that a lot of people have said it in the background, right? I can't believe they're still doing it, and I can't believe they're still trying, they're just never gonna make it or whatever. And even if they didn't, I can kind of like, pretend that it's there in my head. That man, we've been doing this a long time, people didn't believe in me anymore? And that fired me up. And I think that's just important to take with you. Because there's some inspiration behind not just proving to yourself, but proving other people that, hey, this is something I believed in, and I worked my tail off to do it. And I was dedicated enough to see it through. It wasn't all talk, I was action. And maybe that action didn't happen as fast as I wanted it to. But it did happen. And I never ever gave up. I think that's just huge. I'm gonna let you talk about that. Because I have one other thing that I want to hit on in this episode. And that's why I didn't know what to title it. But I want you to talk about future revenge and your thoughts behind it.

Yeah, you know, I don't think I've ever had, there's two situations or two occurrences that I've had something happen and it's never been, no one's ever said, you can't do that. You're not going to be good at that. You know, whether that direct but a friend of mine growing up and he was you know, the whole family is all corporate, you know, you get a job, some of their family didn't even go to go to college. They went right from high school to a job and that's where they've been in that job ever since. You know, and a friend of mine, he went to some colleges but then he got in a job and he's been in that job. He's still in that job today. You know, he's high up but it's all corporate. And I remember him saying, are sure you want to do that? That seems crazy. Are you sure you want to do that? You know, and that was a thank you very much. That's all I needed. And then there was another situation where somebody said, Oh, you guys still do that? Oh, we didn't know you were even still doing real estate. And I'm just like, oh, oh, oh, it's just, it fires you up, you know, and it's the, you know, and when I first saw the title future revenge, I'm like, that's an interesting title. I don't know what this means. Now, I know what it means. It totally makes sense. And I don't think it's ever been something where, you know, my two situations, I don't think they've ever been something that I wake up in the morning. And it's the, you know, like, what you call the embers of my belly. It wasn't anything drastic like that. It's not anything that I think about daily, I think about it every so often and go, hahaha, and I chuckle about it a little bit. That's about it. I don't, I never had a such a dire situation where it just burned me. And I was going through hell or high water, I was going to make sure that I succeed, you know, despite somebody else, it's just you and I had such good blinders on. Once we got into real estate, we were going to do this and we were going to be successful.

Yes, one hundred percent! And thank you for leading into that. So that's the other thing that I wasn't sure exactly how to title this podcast episode, because this is the other half of the discussion, is having blinders on. And when you have blinders on, it's very easy to go into FOMO, right? Fear Of Missing Out, what am I missing? That's over here. But if you look over there, you're gonna get distracted, and you're not going to continue very passionately after where you should be going. So I think there has to be a dedication and commitment level to some extent that says, hey, I'm going to do these things. And while I do these things, at least, if it's a portion of the day, a portion of the month, whatever it is, while I do these things, I am going to put these blinders on. And I'm not going to allow social media or other people or the shiny object syndrome. And I'm guilty of this, too. I'll pop on webinars all the time, because I think I can do whatever it is that I want. 

And I can, I know I can, but I have to prioritize it, I can't do it all at the same time, it's reality. I can do it. But I need to finish what I'm doing for the team, for the investors, do it successfully, scale it, and bring on leadership. And then I can go to the next thing. So sometimes I'm looking at those things going, I'm thinking about the future, and the next thing and the vision and how is it going to continue this vertical integration that we have, what's that next business or company that allows us more control and more ability to to help our team and our investors. So I'm guilty of it too. What should happen and what would allow us to be more powerful is if we stuck those blinders on and just said, Hey, that thing right there will be there next month, or next year, it's not going away. In fact, you're probably better in a year when you're ready for it. So stop wasting your time thinking that the grass is greener, or that you have to think about, you know, all these other things, your vision is big enough for right now. And this goes to people who are chasing this Freedom Through Passive Income for their family, that vision and probably what you're doing for your own career and for your own family is big enough right now that you don't need anything more, what you have is sufficient, what you have on your plate is good. Put your blinders on and go after it. And don't worry about the fear of missing out because everything will be there. Or it will be an idea that crashes. And you'll be glad that you had your blinders on and you didn't see it. 

So it's those blinders that allow you to chase, people are afraid to put blinders on because of the fear of missing out. But I have seen people in business just skyrocket because they said, I got off Facebook for a year, I got off this for a year, I stopped doing this for a year, I stopped going on these webinars, stopped, you know, they made a commitment that this is what I'm doing. And this is the dedication I have and this is the timeline I'm putting on it and the amount that they were able or how they progressed through that year was far greater than they ever could have done. Had they been what you used to call this? Our sprinkler? Sprinkler! They're looking like a sprinkler all the time. They're like looking here, here and here. It's just straightforward. 

So I think there's a powerful lesson in that. And it's something that I need to do better. As we sit here and talk about it. I'm just like, you know, Dani, you need to do better. You're doing better than you used to, but you could step it up a notch too and really launch FCI in a bigger way. If I just went crazy focus. So this is now my own motivational talk for me. Yay! And if only I had blinders on when somebody said you should buy crypto. Hahaha! I went, what?! Love it. 

Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode, make sure you head on over to our website to join the investor club. We've got a lot of stuff going on at the end of this year, the beginning of next year. So make sure you're reaching out to Ben and or CJ to get more information about the investor club and about all the stuff that we've got going on. 

We're also on all the social media platforms, so make sure you check us out, reach out to us, tell us, say hi. 

But we'd like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody.

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