Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 314 - Week 45 Live Progress Update

November 10, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 314
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 314 - Week 45 Live Progress Update
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In today’s episode, what's been happening this past week?

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nicole - This was nothing like Hurricane Ian and we are all safe. But we do have a few leaks that we need to get fixed.

Cancun Trip - We have four days until our Cancun vacation and we are very excited. 

Deal updates - We're also in the middle of our deal raise. Again, it's not a deal that we can talk about, it is a 506(b). So you got to be in our investor club to know about it. But we can say that we're in the middle of the raise. It's very exciting.

And within a week, we're 91% subscribed for the deal. It was our very first webinar for the entire investor club, and we are already 91% subscribed before we even started the webinar.

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another hurricane edition episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right and if you hear some noises here, that's because our dogs have joined us today. Its hurricane/tropical storm "Nicole" is literally the eye is right above us right now. Like it's so crazy. It traveled right on top of us. So anyway, so we're not outside like we did for hurricane Ian. Because actually this time, I think we would blow away. We definitely get wet. Anyway, okay, we get wet and I would blow away.

But anyway, we stayed inside. So welcome to another episode. This is our Live! episode. This is week 45 update. Yes. Oh my gosh, week 45, we're already almost done, we're down to single digits. So well, spoiler alert. I already said what number one right is Hurricane Nicole, which I think she got downgraded to a tropical storm. As soon as she hit land. Yes, she hit land, yeah. But this is testing our stamina. Although after the first one, this was one is just like, ehh, whatever. But, you know, but we also found a new leak and it's time to call the roofers again. But a lot of the leaks from the first hurricane are gone. Right. They're no longer leaking. This was a nice test, right? Yup. To see if the roof repairs actually worked. Yup. And almost all of them did.

Yup. Yup. And I was out at 5am this morning with the dogs because they have a schedule, whether there's a tropical storm or not. And I got to experience what I call the Forrest Gump rain. Because it was coming in sideways. Right. Yeah, that was, I was like I couldn't open one eye, I'm trying to watch the dogs with one eye with a flashlight at five o'clock in the morning. Yeah. So thank you dogs for letting me experience the Tropical Storm firsthand. I felt like the news reporters, ahh well, it's a little windy down here. That's funny.

Yeah, so and then also, we have, we're wearing our shirts today because we have four days till our Cancun vacation. That's right. And that's super exciting. So in honor of that, I got out my Cancun shirt, Flip, you got the one you bought the very first time we went there, right? Yeah, the first time we went there was back in 2003. This shirt is older than most people. It is. And it still stands up to the test of time. That's right. Love it. So we're super excited about that. Yup. 

And then we're also in the middle of our deal raise. So again, it's not a deal that we can talk about, it is a 506(b). So investor club. Yup, you got to be in our investor club to know about it. But I can say that we're in the middle of the raise. It's very exciting. And within a week, we're 91% subscribed for the deal but before even though the investor club webinar last night. Right. It was our very first webinar for the entire investor club, and we are already 91% subscribed before we even started the webinar. That's awesome. So yeah, so things are going really, really well. We're super excited, we're gonna be doing a lot more deals in 2023. So if you want to jump in and start learning and seeing these deals, you have to jump on a call. In fact, I got a Facebook message last night, saying, hey, I want to see any opportunities that you have before the end of the year. And I had to tell him, here's, you know, my assistants gonna send you a link to schedule a strategy session call, unfortunately, we cannot show you the deals that we have. Because we have to have the strategy call. And we have to have a substantive relationship with you first, before you can see anything. So this is somebody who's trying to find a deal before the end of 2022. And we can't even offer it to him. Because he has to be in our investor club first. And we have to have that relationship. So that's just a reminder, get in our investor club so we can start the relationship now and that way in the future, it's not like you have to invest in the deal. So you at least get to see them. So that's a big deal. Big, big, big deal. 

And then it's you towards the end of the year. Right? Man, we are, there's no moss growing on us. Hoowee! Yes. Trip after trip after trip. Yeah. So we're getting ready for Cancun, and then we get back home and before you know it, we're heading out to Las Vegas for a meeting. Hahahaha! We might have a little fun while we're there. Well, well, yeah, they always asked me if I gamble. I said, No, I just put $100 in an envelope and just slide it underneath. Yeah, here you go. It takes a little bit of the fun out of it. Same end result. Yeah. But yeah, then we're off to Vegas for five days for actually for a mastermind. Yup. And then we get back from that and before you know, then we're off to go visit with my family for a few days and your family for a few days for Christmas. Yup. And we get back just in time to go yay, Happy New Year!

And charge into 2023. Refreshed and ready to go. That's right. Usually you think at the end of the year is kind of a slower time for you to focus on projects. And we are focusing on projects, actually wrote down all of the marketing things that we're getting ready to ramp up, we're really focusing on that. We have the time to do it right now, which is important. 2023 planning, we're focused on that. And we have the time to do it right now. So it is a little bit slower, but the travel is kind of crazy. And it kind of throws a wrench into how much we can do towards the end of the year, but still very exciting. 

And of course, tax planning, you've really been diving into everything that we need to do for end of the year tax planning and strategizing. Like, if we're going to share the recap of our tax strategizing episode, tomorrow, but if you haven't listened to that, it's really, really important that at the end of the year, you start strategizing, this year's taxes before time runs out for you to actually do something strategically, that will impact your tax burden. So make sure that you listen to that episode, and then you start reaching out to the people in your inner circle. Yeah, because those tax fellas aren't doing anything right now, but after the first year, those tax fellas get really busy until about mid April. You know, so right, now's a great time to hit them up because they're not doing anything. Yeah. They're sitting there twiddling their thumbs because they're, this is the one time of year where there's something's not due. Yeah. Well, and I wouldn't say they're all twiddling their thumbs like ours. He's booking appointments after an appointment back to back. Because he can. Yes. He has that time, to. Yeah, tax strategy. Yeah, he's smart. He's being proactive. Yeah. That's why we like him. Yes. Yeah. Exactly right.

Yeah. So that's pretty much our week. This week. It's interesting to see the differences between different parts of the year and what we're focused on. Right? And I think that's what was cool about this 365 day series. Only seven more of these episodes. That's correct. Or six, depending on what that last week, where that last one ends. I don't know where that last one ends. I don't know if we have a week 52 live update. Very few. That's all I'm going to say, very few. Cool. Yeah. 

Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you're heading on over to to join that investor club. Again, we talked about it in this episode, why it's very important for you to join that investor club. Make sure you're talking to Ben and/or CJ to get that information and to build up that whatever relationship that she always tries to say. Substantive. Yeah, okay, whatever. It isn't an easy word to say. Make sure you talk to us. But make sure you're getting into that investor club. 

But make sure you're checking us out on all the social media platforms as well. 

We like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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