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Ep 316 - Flip & Dani's Story Part 2 - College & Cruise Ships

November 12, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 316
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 316 - Flip & Dani's Story Part 2 - College & Cruise Ships
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Part two of our four part series, where we talk about colleges, our love for music and how we met for the first time! This is the first half of this episode and tune in tomorrow to hear the other half.

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After leaving home for college at Southeastern Bible College, Dani received her degree in music performance and from there began her career as a music minister at a church. After that, Dani worked first at Disney and then on cruise ships , playing her trumpet. After high school Flip attended Michigan State University, majoring in computer science but continued his love of music, playing trumpet. Flip loved music so much that he focused on it instead of his planned major and transferred to Western Michigan University. Having had enough of the cold winters, Flip decided to move to Florida, where he auctioned for and was part of Disney’s Christmas Brass.

In the next part of our story, you will discover how Dani and Flip meet so stay tuned!

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another episode of our podcast which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. Okay, good. I didn't know what it's called and you'll have to watch the end of this one because for the first time in the history of this podcast, Dani actually made a blooper so you'll have to listen to this. Anyway, welcome to another episode. And this is the Flip & Dani Story. The Docu series. Oh my gosh, he keeps changing the title. Yes. Which segment is this? This is Part dos. Which is? College & Cruise ships. *Horn sounds*

We're trying to figure out how to tell the story and separate it into chapters, if you will. Yeah. So the reason we're telling our story is because we're in the middle of writing a book and our team is working on it. And they're like, Hey, what's your story? You want to record a quick 30 minute video? Or do you have it written somewhere? I was just like, you know, I know we had it written but it probably doesn't include everything. So let's record something. But we're recording a podcast today. Yeah. So I thought, hey, I don't think we've told our story on the podcast. Let's just wipe both of them out at the same time. Perfect. Awesome. 

Okay, so college and cruise ships. So yesterday was childhood. And now 18 years old, done with high school, getting ready to go to college, I was playing trumpet, and I auditioned for a scholarship. And I got a full ride to Southeastern University. Back then it was Southeastern Bible College and is now Southeastern University. I actually know people that listen to the podcast, and in our inner circle that we met in other ways that went to that same school. So that's pretty exciting. So I went there, and I decided to focus on my degree, which was going to be in music performance. Because I love playing, I didn't want to teach it. I don't have the patience for that, quite frankly. But I wanted to be able to play. And I didn't know what else I wanted, quite frankly, I just was like, I don't know what I want to do for a living. So you know, I'm good at this. So why don't I just do this? And then I'm not gonna say college was a waste. I mean, it's an experience, right? There's a lot of lessons that you learn while you're in college. But it's not something that I ended up pursuing. 

After I graduated from college, I went and got a Music Minister position at a church. So if you listen to the childhood thing, you understand the progression of how this went through, right? Because of my childhood. And ours is so similar. Why I went to Bible college and why I ultimately became a music minister in church, because it just made sense based on my family and how I was raised and everything like that, ultimately, again, just decided, this was not my career. This was not my future. This was just not something that I was even passionate about. But I was pretty okay at it. But without the passion. You never get great, right? So ultimately, I ended up going on getting invited to go on cruise ships. And so I was just like, Yeah, that sounds interesting and fun and I'm still young. And this is kind of exciting. Yeah, let's do it. 

So I went on. Actually, no, I went to Disney first. While I was in college, man, I should have rehearsed this before we started. But while in college, I auditioned at Disney World, and got in the Christmas Brass. And at first I was in toy soldiers, and then got upgraded to what's it called? Just Christmas Brass, I guess. Yeah. And being in the clown man for the parade. And the reason is because I couldn't fit in the toy soldier costume. It was because you were too short. Yes, yes. And trying to put the herald trumpet, right? Up to my chops. Yeah, and to try and play it just wasn't happening. So they put me in the clown man instead. But that turned into like a maybe three or four year thing I can't even remember, Flip usually is my memory bank, whenever I'm talking about this. It was three but we'll talk about this. Okay, so I did that and I absolutely loved the performance aspect of this and so I think that's probably why I didn't enjoy the Music Minister position is because I loved playing at Disney so much. It was such a great time that moving into a position and not performing just I didn't have the joy anymore. 

And so that's when I got offered to go on cruise ships. And so then I went on cruise ships and I'm going to stop there, it's because I know you're going to tell a story. Right. So part of this college and cruise ships edition is the story of how we met and I know this is gonna go over so I apologize in advance, this is gonna go over our typical eight minute quick daily podcast but I think it's. This is the juicy one. Yeah, this is the juicy one. So I went on cruise ship and started performing with the band. And Flip, I'm gonna let you tell your story because here in Flip's story, he's going to connect the dots of this segment of our lives.

Yeah, So, so again, take Dani's name out of her story and put me it's very similar. So I was born in Ohio, I went to Michigan. And when I lived in Michigan, my dad went to Michigan State, my mom went to Michigan State and my brother went to Michigan State. So I really didn't have a choice. When it came time for choosing colleges. In fact, I actually applied to Ohio State, was accepted and applied to Michigan State, was accepted. But the difference in tuition was astronomical, because we lived in Michigan. So it was in-state tuition. So I went to Michigan State and I wanted to actually because for some reason, I thought that I was smart in high school. And it was just because I went to a school where I was just smarter than most everybody there. And most there were some very smart people there that were way smarter than I am. And so I went to Michigan State for computer science. And I took my trumpet along because I was starting to play trumpet. And I really liked playing trumpet. It was fun. 

And so during the summer before my audition for the Spartan marching band, you know, the huge marching band for Michigan State, the director pulled me aside and says, Hey, you know, I think you should audition for something else instead of trumpet. I don't know if that's really the right thing for you to do. And that's all you needed to do was to kick me in the arse and so I practiced so much and so hard that summer. And so when I got to Michigan State, our very first thing was Michigan State marching band before classes even started, went on audition. And I got into the marching band, and then I'm waiting to get my, find out what chair I got, which is important. And so I was sitting there waiting, and all these people saw me and they're like, Oh, you're Dave Robison's little brother, because my brother had just left like the year before. And so, and I was like, Oh, crap, I'm gonna get the crap beat out of me. And so I ended up getting first chair out of 72 Trumpets, and I'm like, ohh, I might be kind of good at this. And so that's what I started to do. And so I immediately, well, after the first year, I stopped doing computer science and went into music, and I did more and more music. And you said college and cruise ships, I need to say colleges and cruise ships because I went to Michigan State for four and a half years. There was a half year there. And I did, I ended up going into music performance in music education. And at the end of that four and a half year, I was just like, I just I can't do it anymore at Michigan State. And so I was done. 

And then a couple years later, I have another friend of mine called me for Western Michigan University because all the universities in the state of Michigan are directional Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern. There's no Southern. Anyway, and there's a central. But anyway, so he called me over there and I auditioned over there and I got a full ride over there. And so now I'm going into music education at that school. And then winter happened. I did two years at school at that two years of school at Western Michigan and winter happened. It was so bad. My car door froze open. I was like no way. Meanwhile, a friend of mine calling me from Jacksonville, Florida saying you need to come down here. I've got an extra room. And so I auditioned for the school down in Jacksonville, and got a full ride down there. College number three, for those of you keeping score at home. Still no degree. What's that for you anyway? So anyway, so I get down to school in Jacksonville. And I only know a couple of people and like the first week or of school, they're saying, Oh, you need to go audition for Disney. They've got this great winter program, it's an absolute blast, it's called Christmas Brass and I'm like, okay, sure, whatever. So he played a recording of it. I'm like, Oh, I got to play that. That sounds like fun. And so I auditioned, I got into the group. And first rehearsal, I'm sitting there and some guy next to me, who is an amazing trumpet player still today. He tours all over, because the musicians in this group are just beyond amazing. Yes. And so I'm sitting there and the guy next to me goes Oh, so you went to North Florida. So do you know Danielle? I'm like, No, I don't. And that was it, you know? So nothing else was said. Yeah. Well about. And keep in mind Danielle is Dani. Yes. They don't say my full name very often. There you go. Thank you for answering that. 

Hey everybody. Hey everyone! This episode is running a little long because somebody got a little chatty. What?? You said tell my story. So we're gonna cut it off right here and tune in tomorrow to hear the other half. That's right, but we still like to end all our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody! 


Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies and welcome to another episode of our podcast which is called Freedom Through Pass`em. Whoops! I don't think you've ever messed that up. Hahahaha! Freedom Fru Fafafa. We're gonna start over. What? AJ put that on the end. Hahahaha! And then save that one because so far, if you're keeping score on bloopers, that's Flip - 249, Dani -1. I screwed up before but I don't know if I've screwed up on the title. All right, okay. Take two. Ready!

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