Freedom Through Passive Income

Ep 310 - Brain Hack - How to Get Unstuck

November 06, 2022 Flip & Dani Robison Season 1 Episode 310
Freedom Through Passive Income
Ep 310 - Brain Hack - How to Get Unstuck
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In this episode we are going to tell a story that relates to how you get unstuck in life. We will share the challenges we’ve been through and how we got through it. And give a few tips to get you moving.

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Sometimes, we get stuck in our old routines that have become habits. So, how do we get unstuck? We connect a new behavior to as many areas of the brain as possible which helps to develop new neural pathways. For me, running used to be a habit; I did it each day without thinking. But it is not simply a single action that can get you unstuck, you have to repeat it and involve as many of your senses as possible to create “stickiness” that helps form neural pathways. Trying new things can be frightening but you must open up your mind to the simple things that you can do in order to have and build confidence. This is called neuroplasticity. Begin by selecting an activity that is new, challenging and important to you. Commit yourself to engaging in the exercise as frequently as you can. You can further your neuroplastic change if you also eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and connect with others. Remember, it is the choices we make that make us.

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Hey everybody! Flip and Dani here, founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies. And welcome to another episode of our podcast, which is called Freedom Through Passive Income. That's right, and welcome to another episode. And this episode is called "Brain Hack - How to Get Unstuck". I'm excited, there's a few brain hack episodes coming up that I've been writing. Oh, nice. I love it.

But this is a good one, we're gonna start it off with a story, you want to tell the story? Story time. So what it is, is it talks about your neural pathways, which I never thought in my lifetime, I would say neural pathways. But anyway, it's, you know, it's talking about. So you're standing there and you got this gigantic field in front of you. But what you could do is turn to the right and walk down the normal path that you do all the time, that's your normal, that's your normal gig, that's what you do. And you're used to, and your brain is probably telling you to do it anyway. But what you're going to do is you're going to walk straight into that field, and you have to get through the field. And that first time that you get through the field, I think we were just joking because before when we told the story years ago, you use the, I've got a machete in my hands. And we're trying to, you know, crack it through the field to get through the field the first time. 

So the first time getting through is tough. Yeah. And then the second time getting through the field going that way, instead of going to the right, which you're used to doing. When you go through the second time, it's easier than the first time but still not as easy as the normal path. But as you keep continuing to go down this new path through the field, it continues to get easier and easier and easier and builds up that pattern of doing that instead of going to the right. Now you've got two different things that you've done. But it's building those neural pathways in repeating it over and over and over to get your brain to say okay, yeah, this is cool. We like doing this. This is something that is normal. 

And so how do you get unstuck? Yeah, so Well, let's, let's continue your storyline. This relates to habits, right? Yes. Oh yes, absolutely. So there's lots of books that say different timelines for habits, do you want to reference that? Yeah. Some say 21 days, some say 7 days, some say 30 days. It's really, it's honestly up to you. I mean, anyone who has followed me on Facebook for years, I used to run a mile a day. And I mean, every day I woke up, boom, I was running a mile every morning. And it was just so ingrained in my head that I just woke up and did it. And then I stopped. I think it was in 2020. I think it was 2020. Yeah, I stopped at the end of 2020. Because I had an injury that I couldn't, I wasn't sleeping and whatever. So I had to stop. But then the other day, I just said, oh, let's do that again. I've done it before, this will be easy. The first day was easy. Second day, I was like, Oh, what am I doing? And then today? Today was just day three and this morning was like you know, just getting started. But once I started then it was easy. And I was just like, oh, I'm already on a mile, alright, awesome. And so it but it depends on who the person is whether it's 7 days, or 30 days or 2 days or 50 days. Yeah, yeah. 

So how this relates to getting unstuck, we wanted to tell the story so that you could understand the imagery behind what we're about to teach you. So how Flip just relates everything, he talked about the path that goes into the right, that's a neural pathway that he's accustomed to, that's a habit that he's built, that is very easy and natural for him to do. Going straight is brand new. And it's full of this high tall grass that he has to, you know, just get through. And it's really, really, really hard. When you're stuck. It's typically because you keep going to the right, and you are afraid to go straight and try something brand new that might help you get unstuck. Yup. So we are trying to share very small tidbits that will allow you to take the steps that will get you unstuck without getting too fearful about it. So doing something new is really the brain hack. And what does that mean? It means something very, very small because what your brain is going to do is it starts, it's going to start looking at this field and it's going to start going down different, a bunch of different things. 

So for example, I wrote down some ideas. If you're right hander, start writing with your left hand one day or an afternoon or a thank you card with your left hand, whatever it is, go to a new restaurant, add something to your morning routine. Go ride a bike if you don't do that very often, go to the park, maybe work outside just this week. I worked outside. Yeah, I couldn't get you in. All of these things that are brand new and so minor, right? It's starting to take your brain and go whoa, what's going on? What are they doing? Okay, now they've taken this field in your brain and they started, you know, taking a machete to this path and then this path and this path and they keep on. And suddenly your brain is going, Hey, this isn't so scary, but it is new. So it's a little weird. And through these exercises, there might be something that you attempt to do for the very first time that is very small that you go, Hey, that felt good. And you're actually building confidence through this process of I'm not fearful for starting new, that wasn't so hard, I just did it. And maybe some of them were just fun to do, because we're telling you to do it. Right. Writing with your left hand, that's hilarious. I don't even know if somebody can read what I write with my left hand. I can't read what you write with your right hand.

So the idea is just to open up your mind to the simple silly things that you can do in order to have and build confidence and allow your brain to go, hey, you've got this, you've done all these new things, and it wasn't so tough. And so now, if you're stuck going down this right way, and you know that, hey, there's something wrong, I need to fix it, your brain is going to automatically start solving the problem for you, right? Your brain needs the correct question to answer, to be able to work on it and give you, you know, ideas in order to solve the problem. So you're gonna start thinking of how to get unstuck because of this episode, and you're gonna think of something and then you're gonna go try it, even if it's the smallest step. And if you like it, you're gonna go, Hey, let's just try that again. Because I just, you know, did the hard work of cutting down this grass for a little bit, might as well do it again, because tomorrow is gonna be a little bit easier, the grass isn't as high. Or I've, like, you know, parted the ways a little bit, you know, and I'm thinking of cornfields and stuff when I'm thinking of this. And so that's how you're going to break the patterns and start new neural pathways. And the more you do it, the more Flip goes down that one mile day, his brain knows where that path is. It's just that while he wasn't doing it, it started growing. Right? Yeah, the field grew over itself. It was not trampled down. And it was not natural for him. But the brains like, oh, he used to do this, alright, you're gonna have to get the weeds out of the way, sir. And at some point very easily, he's gonna be able to pick up the habit again, because his body and brain is going to be in sync with what he's attempting to do. 

So we want to encourage you that this is something we're not afraid of, like, we try stuff new all the time, like we are okay, we are very comfortable being uncomfortable. Except for Thai restaurants. Anyway. Yeah, there's some choices we make about being uncomfortable. But we just want to encourage you to, don't be afraid to try small little things, because it's actually kind of turns into a fun game. And now that you have that story in your brain, when I heard that story for the very first time, I never forgot it, because they told it story like. I was like, Oh, I can remember that. And now I view my brain as this large field, and I'm training it to go down a different route. And now I understand the process and why it's so, why it takes so long to build a habit . So just understanding the brain hack, it's going to help you get unstuck. It's going to help you when you're unmotivated, it's going to help if you ever get depressed, I think everybody, whether they admit it or not, at some point in time gets depressed about something. So it'll help you in those situations, do something small, and you'll build the confidence to do something bigger that likely addresses the problem that you're trying to solve at that time. 

And even if you just get bored, sometimes you get bored, you lack purpose, you're not inspired. These are the things that will create some new pathways in your brain and one of them is going to click and you're going to go, I want to keep on going down that one. And as soon as you knock all the limbs or the stocks down. You've got yourself a new habit and you're off to the races.

That's right. I love it. Yeah, I mean, the getting depressed, I get depressed every time I think about my football team. But I'm learning and now I'm going to root for the basketball team. And so that's new. And so I'm going down a new path. 

We hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you go over to and join the investor club. Make sure you're talking to CJ or Ben to get information about all the stuff that we've got going on here to wrap up 2022. 

But we'd like to end all of our episodes with Invest Smart, Live Happy. Bye everybody!

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